Baseball Play Book

Details, details, details. Pete Newell once said that coaching is simply details and repitition. The details are the strength of this book. From how players should be announced, the correct mechanics to perform a certain skill, or how to take care of the field. It's all here! This book, although an earlier edition that wasn't organized as well as this edition is, was the text book for the Theory of Coaching Baseball class I took in college at a Big Ten school as well as our team handbook for the baseball team. Ron Polk's The Player's Handbook is by far the best coaches' manual in print. Once I stopped playing, I started coaching (19 years now) and this book became even more valuable to me. Ron Polk was one of the great college baseball coaches and he put it all down in black and white for those of us that love to coach the game of baseball. Thank you Coach Polk for this baseball coaches' bible